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Volunteers from Acorn have been taking sessions in schools since 2001.  Teams now visit almost all the secondary schools in Worthing and also travel further afield to Angmering, Steyning and Shoreham to present information to young people.  We offer our services free of charge, but welcome donations from the schools.


We offer presentations to classes of students in years 8 and 10 (who are between 12 and 15 years old). Students are given information about the work of Acorn, and, through the use of film clips, discussion and interactive exercises, begin to consider issues around relationships and crisis pregnancy.


Year 10 students enjoy taking part in the Lifeline Game, (see picture) where cards are placed on a timeline to indicate at which point in a pregnancy different aspects of development take place - for example when the fingernails are formed.  


All our school sessions aim to give information whilst encouraging students to form and express their own opinions.

Information for Schools

The Lifeline Game on show at an Open Day