Miscarriage/Still birth

The loss of a child at any stage of pregnancy, through miscarriage, still birth or failed IVF can be devastating. Others around you may not fully recognise your loss. There is often no evidence that the baby existed and feelings of sadness, anger, guilt and shame can make it difficult for you to talk about what has happened. Sometimes people expect you to ‘get over it’ or push it out of your thoughts to avoid the unpleasant emotions that have been stirred up.
Our trained counselling team is here to help you through your bereavement journey with one-to-one support. We will be with you as you work through your thoughts and feelings, your unanswered questions, and the pain of loss. We will help you find ways to appropriately express any unresolved anger, sadness, grief and shame so that you can begin to experience healing of emotional hurts.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help. Call us on 01903 823893 or email office@acornworthing.org.uk
Our services are free of charge.

A member of Acorn’s counselling team talks about pregnancy loss counselling.

"The charity helped me through a dark stage. I wanted to end it as I'd failed, but just having someone specialised in talking about this, really helped me see what I still have." Client