Unintended Pregnancy
Would an unintended pregnancy mean a crisis for you? Come and talk it through at Acorn. You don’t need to feel pressurised into making quick decisions.

At Acorn you'll talk confidentially and privately with one of our counselling team. They will listen to you, offer you time and space to think, and will help you work through to a considered decision or a step closer to making one. Our services are free of charge.

Acorn volunteers offer emotional support but not medical advice. If this is required, Acorn can signpost you on.

Contact us, call 01903 823893, or email office@acornworthing.org.uk to make an appointment.

If you are unable to contact us, or prefer not to, you may find this page useful: Pregnant? Now what?

A member of our Counselling team outlines Acorn’s unintended pregnancy counselling

‘At a very difficult time in my life you were there to listen and assist me when no one else was’  Client