Counselling after abortion

Having an abortion is a very private matter and is often kept secret. It is not readily talked about by those who have undergone the procedure, and women often fear criticism and judgement if they reveal it has happened to them. Although persuasion to have an abortion can come from partners, family members and friends, women often feel the weight of responsibility and that they must put on a brave face if questions and second thoughts surface afterwards.

Sometimes an abortion is performed when tests show an abnormality or the chance of one. This leaves the prospective parents with an incredibly difficult decision to make. Not only that, but they also have to face the loss and grief associated with their disappointed hopes and dreams.

Discussions and decisions around abortion can lead to relationships being put under stress. It is common for a woman to believe she must deny or suppress her subsequent feelings, because of the decision she made. It then becomes difficult for her to move on.

Acorn's counselling team is experienced in helping a woman examine the circumstances that led to her decision, her feelings and the pressures on her at the time, and her reflections on the event, now that it is in her past. In facing and talking about the emotions she has uncovered, she can be helped to move forwards with her life.

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